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The only integrated player in the world manufacturing Transmission Line Towers, Fasteners, Overhead Transmission Line Fittings & Accessories and Structural Steel under one banner. Karamtara is an engineering, manufacturing and technology company. Incorporation in 1996, it began its journey in 1998, and since then Karamtara has evolved as a leader in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Segment of Power Sector.

We are the only player to offer one stop solution for most items in T&D segment in the world of manufacturing Transmission Line and Telecom Towers, High Tensile and Mild Steel Fasteners, OHTL Hardware Fittings & Accessories, Hot Rolled HT & MS Structural Steel and Solar Structures.

In a span of 17 years, from a single manufacturing unit, we now possess six manufacturing facilities in India and Italy. India Ratings (FITCH) has assigned the company the credit rating of IND A+ for long term borrowings and IND A1 for short term borrowings.

Our five business verticals include:

In Our Credentials:

  • Only integrated player in Indian manufacturing sphere that has:
    • Transmission Line Towers and Telecom Towers
    • High Tensile & Mild Steel Fasteners
    • Hot Rolled (High Tensile and Mild) Structural Steel
    • Overhead Transmission Line Hardware Fittings & Accessories
  • Indian plants are approved by Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. (PGCIL)
  • Indian plants are accredited with ISO9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Indian plants are accredited with Licence from Bureau of Indian Standards
  • One of the largest tower manufacturing facilities in India under one roof
  • We are one of the top three Structural Steel suppliers in India
  • Largest suppliers of Fasteners for Transmission & Distribution segment in India
  • Our products have been used in more than 40 countries e.g. India, Oman, Lebanon, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Tunisia, Ethiopia, etc.

Our Transmission Line Towers Business has capabilities to design, manufacture and supply transmission lines up to 1200 kV. We have successfully supplied over 450000 MT of Transmission Line Towers in more than 25 countries. It has Fabrication and Galvanising capacity of 108000 MT per annum.

The Fasteners business caters to Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Industry, Telecom Tower Industry, Other Industries etc. with HT & MS Fasteners having manufacturing capacity of 24000 MT.

Our Profiles business has two Structural Steel plants manufacturing entire range of Hot Rolled HT & MS Structural Steel. The combined capacity to manufacture Structure Steel is 280000 MT per annum

Our Hardware Fittings & Accessories Business is spread in India and Italy and has the required expertise to design, manufacture, testing and supply these accessories up to 1200 kV. It manufactures Insulator String Fittings, Conductor Accessories, Vibration and Spacer Dampers, OPGW Fittings, Fittings and Accessories for Substations, Fittings for Power Distribution Lines, and Fittings & Accessories for Railways Electrification. We have supplied these accessories globally.

About the Plants

Karamtara has its business verticals spread across Transmission Line, Structural Steel, Fasteners, Hardware and Fittings business. The Company operates mostly from its plants based in Tarapur and Nagpur.

All the plants are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

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Process Flow Our Manufacturing Competence
  • Transmission Line, Telecom Towers & Substation Structures
  • HT and MS Fasteners
  • Hot Rolled HT & MS Structural Steel
  • Overhead Transmission Line Hardware Fittings & Accessories
  • Solar Structure